L5 has the unique ability to meet your high-volume mail needs utilizing our high-capacity equipment. Our highly trained expert staff have worked in the industry for 25 plus years ensuring optimal processing and savings.

We specialize in providing efficient secure mail, direct mail services to large corporations including financial, medical, insurance and technology firms.

L5 designs specific solutions for each of our client’s unique needs. Our state of the art equipment and processes insure that maximum quality, product flexibility and quick turn arounds. L5 is a national service provider with the resources to induct mail across the United States.

We help our clients control expenses while delivering exceptional services, including the fastest induction in the USPS mail stream with facilities throughout the US as well as international partnerships to provide our clients with exceptional service, saving our clients significant time and money.

L5 is committed to customer service. Our dedicated customer service team is ready, willing and able to assist our clients needs; allowing them more time to take their business and enjoy the savings!

  • Discount Postage Application

  • Lowest Fuel Surcharge

  • Free Shipping Supplies

  • No Meter Fees

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Free Tracking

  • Multiple Pick Up Times

  • Mail Insertion Available at ANY Zip Code in the US