L5 is a multi-faceted freight line hauler with interconnections for enterprise freight hauling across the contiguous lower-48 within the continental United States.

Our truck drivers are fully insured and qualified with accredited Class-B Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) to operate anywhere on the interstates of the USA.

L5 will deliver your industrial freight on-time and anywhere you need it!

L5 has built a homegrown network of national Class-B CDL drivers that know how to deliver freight on-time and anywhere within the continental United States.

L5 as well has an international footprint through our international partnership with the USPS connecting us with Canada and 125 other countries to move your freight efficiently!

  • Class-B CDL Drivers

  • Nationwide Freight Lines

  • Contracted with 175 Carriers

  • Automatic Logging for Fulfillments

  • International and Domestic Options

  • Shipping into over 125 Countries


L5  logistics and freight line operation provides service Domestic and Internationally

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